1. Partly on Time : Recordings 1968-1970
    Kinloch Nelson

  2. Oh Michael, Look What You've Done : Friends Play Michael Chapman
    Various Artists

  3. Behold The Spirit
    William Tyler

  4. The Three Deaths of Red Spectre
    Gwenifer Raymond

  5. Lament from Epirus - "Soundtrack"
    Various Artists

  6. Lachesis/Clotho/Atropos
    Harmony Rockets with Special Guest Peter Walker

  7. Leap Frog
    John Hulburt

  8. You Never Were Much Of A Dancer
    Gwenifer Raymond

  9. Deep Sea Diver Blues b/w Bleeding Finger Blues
    Gwenifer Raymond

  10. The Dolphins
    Brigid Mae Power

  11. The Two Worlds
    Brigid Mae Power

  12. Les Blues Du Richmond : Demos & Outtakes 1973-1979
    Duck Baker

  13. Ceremony of Dreams : Studio Sessions & Outtakes, 1972-1977

  14. Snake Pit
    Harvey Mandel

  15. Hooray For Another Day
    Max Ochs

  16. River Sun River Moon
    Rick Deitrick

  17. Gentle Wilderness
    Rick Deitrick

  18. Home Grown : Recordings 1969-1979
    Rick Deitrick

  19. San Diego State Folk Festival 1972
    Roscoe Holcomb

  20. The Wall I Built Myself
    Bob Brown

  21. Willoughby's Lament
    Bob Brown

  22. All Kinds of You
    Ryley Walker

  23. Hooray For Max Ochs
    Various Artists

  24. Jackdaw
    Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum

  25. Gallivantin'
    William C. Beeley

  26. The Music of Harry Taussig & Max Ochs

  27. The Sky Is An Empty Eye
    Tom Armstrong

  28. Am I Really Here All Alone ?
    Philip Lewin

  29. Endless

  30. Sometimes b/w My Call For You
    Brigid Mae Power

  31. Then And Now
    Richard Crandell

  32. Imaginational Anthem vol. 8 : The Private Press
    Various Artists

  33. I Left Myself For A While b/w My Lagan Love
    Brigid Mae Power

  34. Brigid Mae Power
    Brigid Mae Power

  35. Beyond The Confession : Kid Millions Reworks Harry Taussig
    Kid Millions

  36. Too Late To Die Young
    Harry Taussig

  37. Sunrise : Bill MacKay Plays The Songs of John Hulburt
    Bill MacKay

  38. Fish
    Michael Chapman

  39. Opus III
    John Hulburt

  40. Fiddle
    Smoke Dawson

  41. Celestial Explosion
    Don Bikoff

  42. The Soul Of Ragtime
    Terry Waldo

  43. The West Wind
    Ryley Walker

  44. The Diamond of Lost Alphabets
    Harry Taussig

  45. Seven Stars
    Suni McGrath

  46. Christmas
    Sean Smith

  47. Jesus I'm A Sinner
    Daniel Bachman

  48. Low Barometer
    Bern Nix

  49. Grey December : Live In Rome
    Ran Blake


Tompkins Square San Francisco, California

Tompkins Square label, established in 2005, has released acclaimed recordings by artists such as William Tyler, Ryley Walker and Michael Chapman as well as reissues of folk, old-timey, gospel and American Primitive Guitar. The label has received 8 Grammy nominations. ... more

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